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Fresh Diet Reviews: Just Add Water!


To borrow a line from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, “Water, water everywhere…” but, are you drinking enough? In her latest blog post, our good friend Carol reminds us of the importance of drinking H2O. In fact, she says that The Fresh Diet and water just may be the perfect combination. Many of us mistake dehydration and thirst for hunger, which can cause overeating. Check out Carol’s blog to learn about the many benefits of drinking water!

Fresh Diet Reviews: Update From a Busy Yet Informative Bee!


Fresh Diet fans from around the blogosphere have but one question: to bee or not to bee? Well, if you haven’t checked out Busy Bee’s blog recently, you’ve been missing out on the latest buzz. Not only is her blog entertaining and informative, but it also frequently contains mouth-watering pictures of Fresh Diet meals. That’s right, Busy Bee is a Fresh Diet customer! Rather than let unhealthy food give her hives, she decided to have our fresh, gourmet meals delivered to her honeycomb! That’s why we think Busy Bee is the bee’s knees. Make a bee-line for the Busy Bee Blog and check it out before I resort to more bee puns.

The Fresh Diet Girl on Meditation, Mantras, and Allowing Fat to Flow Out!


If you haven’t read Donna Manley’s blog recently, today is a good day to check it out. Donna, or as she is known around the blogosphere, Fresh Diet Girl has lost over 60 pounds on TFD, and she’s still going strong. Check out her latest blog post to read what Donna has to say about Meditation, Mantras, and Allowing the Fat to Flow Out of her! You’ll see why Donna is a continual source of inspiration to everyone in The Fresh Diet community! Click here to visit Donna Manley’s blog!

Fresh Diet Reviews: Can Life Get Any Better?!

When blogger Tina Hurban experienced her first day on The Fresh Diet, she didn’t think things could possibly get any better. Then, when she received a delivery with her second day’s fresh, gourmet meals, Tina realized she had been wrong. Life went from great to even better yet. Check out Tina’s blog to read about her experience with Fresh Diet nirvana.

Fresh Diet Reviews: No More Portion Distortion!

“Just because you are on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t continue to eat amazing meals. The key to your success is portion size, portion size, portion size!” Those inspiring words are from guest blogger Aimee Lynn at the Taste Odyssey website. Aimee recently started her journey to healthier living with The Fresh Diet.

Fresh Diet Reviews: The Meals Have Arrived!

You know the excitement you feel when you get to open presents on special holidays and birthdays. Well, when you become a customer of The Fresh Diet, you can experience that kind of joy every single day. Blogger Tina Hurban writes of the excitement she feels now that The Fresh Diet has finally arrived! The idea of having fresh, gourmet meals delivered right to your door might sound good, but nothing can prepare you for how fabulous life will be when you become a Fresh Diet customer. Check out Tina’s latest blog post!

Fresh Diet Reviews: New Customer Rambles On, Blogs About The Fresh Diet!

Tina Hurban “rambles on and on in California.” No, I’m not being critical of Tina… that’s actually the name of her blog. It is a blog about everyday life, being a wife and mother, getting through the teenage years, and sharing thoughts and ideas. And, for at least the next month, Tina will be busy blogging about The Fresh Diet. Click here to read Tina’s amusing ramblings.

Fresh Diet Reviews: Not Just Another Manic Monday!

Yesterday was not just another manic Monday for guest blogger Aimee Lynn at the Taste Odyssey website. That’s because she started her journey to healthier living on The Fresh Diet. Yes, on this particular Monday, Aimee woke up with breakfast already made… and lunch, dinner, a tasty snack, and a delicious dessert. Click here to read what Aimee has to say.

Fresh Diet Reviews: 2010 A Taste Odyssey!

No, this isn’t a Stanley Kubrick production! A Taste Odyssey is blogging about her experiences with The Fresh Diet. There are no monoliths in this story… just fresh, healthy food. Here’s an excerpt from the first post:

Fresh Diet Reviews: Deal-icious Mom Returns From Vegas, Gets Back on The Fresh Diet!

What gets eaten in Vegas stays in Vegas! Those are the latest words of wisdom from Deal-icious Mom. You see, her husband recently took her on a special trip to Vegas, so she had to temporarily put her Fresh Diet delivery on hold. The good news is that being on The Fresh Diet has taught her quite a bit about making healthier choices and proper portion control. Even though she did succumb to eating French fries, she only consumed a small portion. Click here to read her Fresh Diet review!