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Get Up & Move! The Hazards of Sitting

If you work in an office setting, you probably spend much of your day sitting. But studies have shown that by doing so, we are putting our bodies under some long-term, serious health risks.



Use these Helpful Tips to Avoid Body strain


Along with lower back pains and neck strain, sitting for long periods of time can also: decrease your metabolism; compromise your posture; cause herniated lumbar disks; and decrease blood circulation to your legs, which leads to swollen ankles, varicose veins, and deep vein thrombosis (DVT, a serious blood clotting condition). So how can we avoid falling victims to a sedentary lifestyle? Simple, the key is to move around!


Here are some tips you can put into practice to help keep your body moving throughout the day:


Stretch your neck:

Whether at your desk or during your break, put your arms behind you and lift them until you can feel the stretch in your shoulders, and move your chin downwards. This will help you avoid the aches of neck and shoulder strain.


Step away from your desk:

Whenever you’re taking a break feel free to walk around and move. This will help you stretch your legs, and moving around will improve blood circulation.


Set a goal:

Make use of your resources and set a goal on how much you want to move during work. Nowadays there are many devices and apps that can track your physical activity and remind you to move. Set a goal on how much physical activity you want to achieve during your work hours, and use it as a motivator to stay on track.


Stretch your lower back:

You can perform a rotational stretch or toe touches in order to relieve lower back pain. Both of these stretches are easy to do: for the rotational stretch you must only cross your arms and twist to the left until you feel tension, then repeat to the right; for the toe touch you must bend at your waist, with your feet hip-width apart, stop when you feel a stretch and slowly reverse to the starting position.

Gourmet Spotlight: Asian Flavor

This week, The Fresh Diet brings to your table modern Asian flavors. Look for these NEW menu items the next time you choose your meals.



Try our Delicious New Menu Items



Breakfast Bento

The Bento Box is a single serving takeout meal commonly found in Japan and used by busy travelers on the move. The Fresh Diet put a breakfast spin on this traditional Japanese classic to make your first meal of the day easy to enjoy on the go. A hard-boiled egg, Gouda cheese, a green apple and fresh grapes make this a powerful breakfast full of protein, calcium and essential nutrients.


Thai Chicken Salad

This Southeast Asian staple integrates fresh pineapple, cashews, red bell peppers and freshly grilled chicken breast on a bed of chopped romaine lettuce, shredded carrots and cabbage.  The refreshingly complex flavor profile of this dish is brought together with a tangy peanut dressing to offer cooling comfort on any warm day.


Teriyaki Salmon

For this very popular dish, salmon filets are marinated in teriyaki sauce and then grilled over high heat, giving the fish a distinctively appealing, caramelized and flavorful crust.  This succulent salmon is finished with thinly sliced green onions and sesame seeds to complete a simple, savory meal.


Ask The Nutritionist

I have been getting so many great questions from our clients that I’m doing this week’s post as an FAQ section. I hope that no matter what concerns you may have regarding your weight, or healthy eating habits, I can help you find a solution.

Ask The Nutritionist

Know how to Lose Weight with our Fresh Diet Nutritionist


“I haven’t lost any weight this week! What can be happening?”

Many clients start The Fresh Diet with the goal of losing weight. Our programs are calorie and portion controlled, and we have different caloric ranges to fit your specific needs. However, it is not uncommon for your weight to plateau after a certain point, so it is important to remember a few things: muscle weighs more than fat; medications and hormones can impact the rate of weight loss; and cheating on “treats” can add up in calories as well as consuming any high calorie beverages.

So, don’t panic if you do not lose the same amount of weight every week. Take these things into consideration and if you still find yourself having trouble, I’m here to consult with you and help you find the specific cause and get you back on track.


“What can I drink while on The Fresh Diet?”

It is best to stick with water when it comes to staying hydrated within your caloric range. Alcohol and sugary beverages can add up to empty calories that can greatly impact your weight loss.


“How much weight can I lose in a week?”

Each individual is different, however the recommended and safe weight loss equals about 1-2 pounds a week.


“What can I do to lose weight faster?”

To help accelerate your weight loss while on The Fresh Diet program, here are some easy tips: adding a cup or two a day of plain green tea or lemon tea is said to help increase metabolism which helps with weight loss. Also, incorporating physical activity into your routine can also help you burn additional calories.


“What should I do if I have no choice but to eat out one day?”

It is inevitable that we will be forced to eat out for one reason or another. In this case try and opt for vegetable heavy dishes; choose an entree from the appetizer section as they tend to be smaller portions; share a meal with someone else; and avoid items which are fried or have a cream base.


“Do I have to exercise?”

Exercising has many health benefits including disease prevention. Therefore regular physical activity can not only accelerate your weight loss, but it will also be beneficial to your health.


“I hate eating breakfast, what should I do?”

Consuming a healthy breakfast helps kick start our metabolism in the morning, but many people are either not used to eating breakfast or simply are not hungry that early in the day. In this case I recommend starting with a little something whether it’s a cup of yogurt, a glass of milk, or a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning. This will help kick start your metabolism and you can have your breakfast an hour or two later.


“I exercise daily and I’m trying to gain weight, can I do this on your program?”
We offer four caloric ranges and for those clients trying to gain weight and gain muscle I usually recommend the 2200-2400 caloric range. If you are exercising and lifting weights, it is important to make sure you are consuming more calories than you are burning to ensure you reach your desired results.



If you have any questions not covered above, please feel free to send me an email at:

Email Exchange Between Company And Client Turns Into A Hilarious Hostage Situation

It is all fun and games until our Fresh Diet bags and ice packs start to magically deplete. A request by The Fresh Diet to have all cooler bags and ice packs returned by former clients escalated into a full blown “hostage” negotiation.  What did The Fresh Diet do? We created a comic strip!



*The Fresh Diet would like to remind you to please return the cooler bags & ice packs after every new delivery. We thank you for your cooperation.



When the emails began to happen, we at The Fresh Diet thought it was really funny someone would  kidnap our bags and ice packs to insure your meals are Fresh. As a request to our clients to please return bags and ice packs, someone didn’t take the news as lightly.




The Fresh Diet responded:






To see how the negotiation ended for The Fresh Diet and the our kidnapper, continue to read more on Buzzfeed!



Caitlin Cooks Reviews The Fresh Diet

Caitlin Cooks successfully finished her journey with The Fresh Diet and would like to share with you her experiences and some of the delicious prepared meals we offer to our customers.


Here is a great video of  what she thought of The Fresh Diet


For more Health News and Advice make sure you check out Caitlin Cooks Blog 

Tried the Fresh Diet? Gourmet, fresh food delivered.

As busy moms, we often put “everyone else first.” It’s almost a cliche, as it’s heard so often, and seen repeatedly when it comes to our health and wellness.


The Fresh Diet can Promote Healthy Eating Habits!

With that said, this busy mom of three set out to try the Fresh Diet – gourmet, fresh food delivered to your door.  All without having to worry about weighing, counting calories or cleaning up…

Read More of her Eating journey with The Fresh Diet on The OC Family Blog

Blueberry Coconut Chia Pudding

This week we would like to introduce you to another new menu item, the sweet and healthy Blueberry Coconut Chia Pudding!




Our Gourmet Spotlight of the Week!


Chia seeds have been dubbed a “superfood” because they are so nutritious, a great source of fiber and antioxidants as well as calcium, protein and omega-3 fatty acids. The result:  stronger bones, increased brain functions, and a healthier heart. A small seed with a lot of power!

The Fresh Diet Executive Chef, Yos Schwartz, tells us about how this essential ingredient is incorporated into our menu: “Chia seeds swell in size after being immersed in coconut and almond milk to create a highly nutritious and deeply flavorful base for this unique pudding. Topped with fresh blueberries and shredded coconut, this dish offers numerous health benefits in addition to being a great tasting dessert.”




The Fresh Diet


Brain Boosting Snacks for Back to School

It’s that time again. Summer is over and schools all across the country are gearing up for a new year. As parents, we want to make sure we are giving our kids the right foods to keep them healthy and focused throughout their day.



Get Ready for Back to School with these Healthy Tips!

To boost your child’s brainpower make sure you incorporate these “superfoods” to get them off to a great start!


Berries: Blueberries and strawberries are known to contain high levels of antioxidants, which enable the brain to tolerate higher levels of stress, and enhance cognitive functions and memory. Add them to your kids’ diet as a snack, mix them in with yogurt or granola, or add them to a smoothie.

Sunflower Seeds: Contain high levels of vitamin E, the B vitamins, and important minerals like magnesium and manganese. If your child is a picky eater, a great way to include sunflower seeds into their diet is by grinding them and adding them to cereals or yogurt.

Bananas: Bananas have a high content of vitamin B-6, which heightens focus and alertness and also increases the production of serotonin, enhancing your child’s mood and sleep. Bananas are great when eaten alone or in a yummy shake.

Dark Chocolate: An easy choice that your child will surely love! Dark chocolate is rich with antioxidants; it’s also a mood booster as it helps the release of endorphins and serotonin; and it is rich in magnesium, which has anti-stress properties. A piece of dark chocolate is the perfect dessert to complement a healthy and nutritious lunch.

Stressful Sabotage

Have you ever found yourself eating when you aren’t hungry? Eating when you’re already full? Turning to food for comfort during times of stress or as a reward?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have likely engaged in emotional or stress eating.


How to Overcome Stress Eating

How to Overcome Stress Eating


With August already here, many of us are dealing with getting back into a routine after summer vacations, getting the kids ready to go back to school and other daily stresses. Well, when stress begins to build, many of us are likely to reach for something to provide instant gratification, be it a piece of chocolate or that fatty treat you’ve been avoiding. But there are things we can do to combat stress eating temptations, which sabotage our weight loss goals.


When you feel stress building, try some of these tactics before resorting to emotional eating:


Keep a food diary

Keeping a food log makes you accountable for the items you eat and drink and creates awareness of when you are getting “off track.” An extra bag of chips, a candy bar or a couple glasses of wine can add lots of extra, unwanted calories. Making yourself enter that snack you just had to have can help you realize when your eating is getting out of control and becoming an unhealthy habit. The goal is to review your food diary and use it to develop disciplined eating habits, allowing yourself to indulge only once in a while.


Take 10

When you feel a craving coming on, have an 8 oz glass of water and take 10 minutes to do something else: start another task, take a walk, make those phone calls, do some squats or read the news. Often when we feel an unhealthy craving coming on, we aren’t really hungry – we are just reaching for comfort. By distracting ourselves for at least 10 minutes with another activity, we are likely to curb that craving and focus our mind and energy elsewhere.


When you just have to have it

When all else fails and you have to give in, keep the following tips in mind. If you don’t keep unhealthy snacks at home or at work, you are far less likely to eat them. Surround yourself with healthier options – like seasonal ripe fruits, pre-portioned bags of nuts (to stop you from overeating), kale chips, and pre-portioned dark chocolate squares for that sweet tooth.


Cortisol cravings

When this stress hormone increases, your metabolism decreases and you will tend to crave starchy foods. A great way to help reduce stress (and the hormone it produces) is to drink some tea. You’ve heard it before but the compounds in tea help balance cortisol levels over time. Just one more reason to make “tea time” part of your daily routine!


Whatever your comfort food may be…remember to be wise about your portion size and how often you indulge. There are a number of ways to deal with stressful cravings without sabotaging your healthy lifestyle. Try some of these tips and then please share the ideas that have worked for you.