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Six years ago I met my boyfriend and with that followed an extra 15 pounds of what I like to call “love pounds.” Like many others I know I was caught up in spending time with loved ones, eating out, socializing, going to school and working. Balancing life and a healthy lifestyle were not a priority for me until I woke up one day and thought what happened to me? I felt sluggish, tired, craved everything I knew I shouldn’t be eating and my body was not what it should be for a girl in her 20’s. This was my breaking point.

Everyone in life has moments that define that path of health they choose to take. Whether its waking up and your pants are too tight, you have a social event you need to get in shape for or you have a health scare which requires weight loss. We’ve all been there!

Everyday articles are published which aim to offer us miracle cures for quick weight loss. I’m sorry to burst the bubble on this one but there is no single cure…

For decades people have tried different fad diets including low carb, high protein, raw foods, supplements, juicing, the list goes on. I am asked on a daily basis how to lose weight, honestly its quite simple.

Whether you need to lose 15 pounds or 100 pounds, there are fundamental rules you can follow which will help you shed the extra weight and keep it off.

When we get used to eating out, indulging in unhealthy foods and stop exercising, our metabolism slows down. In addition to eating right, exercising can help kick start that metabolism and boost the rate by which we lose weight.

I can’t emphasize the importance of vegetables enough. Not only are they full of nutrients but they are also full of fiber! This fiber keeps us full for a longer period of time and they are low in calories, therefore always making sure your plate is always full of fruits and vegetables will help cut calories.

Though white rice, pasta and bread are staples for many they are stripped of the bran and germ part of whole grains which contain the fiber, vitamins and minerals. Whole grains are proven to help cardiovascular health, cholesterol, gastrointestinal health, colonic health and this list goes on.

Monitoring our own progress helps us not only reach our goals but maintain them too. Using a pedometer helps us realize how much physical activity we are getting on a daily basis. Keeping a food diary can help us catch mistakes and trends in our eating habits before they get out of control.

Cutting back on soda, juice, alcohol and other sugary beverages can save you hundreds of calories a day!

Lemons help regenerate and support our livers. This helps promote fat metabolism leading to quicker weight loss. Lemons are delicious in water, dressings and marinades.

We live in a world of multitasking and taking time to focus on your meal and consciously chew your food and taste the flavors and feeling the satisfaction of eating helps us not over eat. Chewing more also helps our bodies digest food quicker.

The Fresh Diet aims to help you with your caloric intake and get you on track for weight loss. These extra tips can help you reach your goals and as always I am here to help!

Trishna Joshi

Lead Nutritionist – The Fresh Diet

One of the most latent dangers to the health of Americans today is obesity. Because we live in a fast-paced society that oftentimes forces us to sacrifice food quality for convenience, obesity and the health issues attached to it are rapidly taking over.

We can see the depths of this problem by looking at the whooping 21% (estimated $210 billion yearly) of total health spending in the USA that results from obesity. Along with the health risks involved, people suffering from obesity spend an average of 42% more on healthcare costs.

It is important that our country becomes aware of this growing problem. The Fresh Diet offers nutritionally balanced meal plan programs along with access to certified dietitians that can educate and guide you through finding the path towards a healthier lifestyle.

“Live Fresh Live Healthy” is our mantra and our goal is to deliver that message with every meal we serve.

Fresh Regards,
Raj Rawal

Chief Executive Officer

The Fresh Diet
obesity pic.

Diabetes is a metabolic disease dealing with the body’s inability to produce enough insulin and/or the inability to utilize the insulin it produces, which can impact blood glucose levels. Not only is this disease on the rise but also the World Health Organization found that 347 million people suffer from it.

The Fresh Diet offers healthy menu options that allow Diabetics the flexibility to enjoy delicious foods while staying away from any harmful ingredients. With access to certified nutritionist that can help personalize your menu, many of our clients have been able to reduce their medications and keep diabetes under control.

The diabetic friendly plan is customized to reduce carbs and sugars by:
• Avoiding fruit breakfast options
• Avoiding dishes with glaze or honey
• Limiting carb intake for breakfast, lunch and dinner within 30-45 grams each.

There are things that can be done to prevent diabetes, engage in daily physical activity, maintain a healthy and balanced diet and avoid excess tobacco and alcohol use.

Meatless Monday is a campaign, which encourages eliminating meat for a day in an effort to improve our health the health of our planet and also animal welfare. This term may not come as a surprise to you but in fact Meatless Mondays originally started during World War I as Meatless Tuesdays. It was then that Americans were asked to limit meat consumption to help feed starving troops overseas and citizens of allied countries. It is said that American households, restaurants and hotels that participated in this initiative saved between 90-100 tons of meat in just 1 week!

In an effort to continue the revival of Meatless Mondays its worthy to note that studies suggest by making healthy decisions at the start of every week we are more likely to make healthy decisions for the rest of the week. Even eliminating one day’s worth of meat consumption from our diets can help reduce our risk of a variety of health issues including cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease by at least 15%!

As a lifelong vegetarian myself, I can say that about 90% of the time when people realize this, the first question I am asked is “What do you eat?!”

Well these tips can help even the most committed carnivores survive a Meatless Monday…

Produce is full of fiber which is sure to keep you from going hungry.

Summer is a great time to experiment with fruits and vegetables as most of them are at their peak in quality and flavor!

Meatless protein can be found in lentils, beans, tofu, whole grains, nutritional yeast, and dairy products.

Garlic, herbs, spices and even cooking method can all change how our foods taste. Try roasting or sautéing produce for a flavor punch.

Where there is a will there is a way!
Let me know how your Meatless Mondays…or Tuesdays go!

Trishna Joshi
Lead Nutritionist – The Fresh Diet

Our company does not only care for your health and figure, but we’re also concerned with the health of our planet. The Fresh Diet is joining the green movement and implementing environmentally friendly waste disposal techniques in order to help decrease pollution and wasteland fill.

Our Illinois kitchen has kicked off this initiative, by implementing the following recycling efforts:
• Compacting and storing cardboard and aluminum on site.
• Hauling off other recycling materials to the local garbage company.
• Partnering with local farmers and food vendors to provide biodegradable material as either compost or food for animals.

The Fresh Diet is committed to becoming a more environmentally friendly brand, and we will continue to bring you delicious and fresh food, while helping our planet along the way.

This Catalonian influenced egg-based dish combines the region’s staple ingredients of smoked paprika, roasted red bell pepper and manchego cheese with smoked salmon to create a light, yet very flavorful meal.

This Spanish tortilla stays low in calories, while still satisfying the appetite and palate, making it the perfect summer breakfast.


– Chef Yos

My name is Trishna Joshi, welcome to Chew on This, your weekly source for everything regarding healthy eating and lifestyle. I am the nutrition expert and leading health authority for The Fresh Diet.

I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Dietetics and Nutrition and completed a 9 month supervised practice with the Florida Department of Health. I have rotated with VA Hospital Miami, Miami Children’s Hospital, Miami Metro Zoo, Florida Department of Health WIC Programs in Miami-Dade and Broward counties and the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Department of Food and Nutrition Program.

My passion is based on nutritional approaches to disease prevention, chronic illness management, health promotion, healthy eating, wellness and access to healthy foods. I hope to guide my community and communities all over the world to create a culture of good nutrition.

I share The Fresh Diets mission of health and happiness and am here to help you meet your nutritional goals.

If you have any dietary inquiries or are in need of assistance with maximizing your results I am available to counsel you via email at

Health starts with fresh, and fresh starts here!
Trishna Joshi

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