Strawberry Pancakes with Mango and Ricotta Cheese Shrimp Burger Mini Zucchini Quiches Cappuccino Cheesecake Smoked Lemon Salmon with Spaghetti Squash and Grilled Asparagus Mango Stuffed Pork with Glazed Carrots and Sugar Snap Peas Coffee Coconut Brownie Grilled London Broil with Raspberry Chipotle Sauce
Miso Glazed Orange Cod

Miso Glazed Orange Cod

Miso, the traditional Japanese seasoning of fermented soybeans, is combined with orange juice, rice wine and sweet chile sauce to create savory glaze with a deliciously intricate flavor profile.  The thick miso-orange glaze is then coated over seared cod to form a distinctly great tasting dinner.


Chef Yos

Chief Culinary Officer

We are all guilty of getting caught up in the day-to-day rush and often forget what we learned as children, “eat a balanced diet and finish your vegetables!” But often times we wonder is it really that important? I’ve been asked many questions over the years as a nutritionist, but some of the most common are usually:

“Do I really need to eat vegetables?”

“But what if I don’t like how they taste?”

“I haven’t had them in years because I hated them as a child, do I really need them now?”

“My parents never cooked or ate them so why should do I?”

“Can’t I take a pill or supplement instead of eating them?”

“I eat them twice a week. Is that enough?”

I speak with countless of clients on a daily basis with concerns regarding weight loss, weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol just to name a few.  Fruits and vegetables contain a dense variety of nutrients, which, not only help prevent, but also help combat a lot of these issues.

My top 5 reasons for increasing your fruit and vegetable intake…

1. Disease Prevention: Fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals that are proven to help prevent and in some cases delay the onset of chronic diseases.

2. Disease Management: Increasing your fruit and veggie intake can help you manage or control a pre-existing condition such as, diabetes and hypertension. You are what you eat and when you eat healthier you not only see a change but most importantly you feel it.

3. Decreasing Calories Consumption: We all know that losing weight helps manage diseases but it also helps us look and feel better about ourselves. These powerful foods are full of fiber, are low in calories and keep us feeling fuller longer.

4. Restore Gut Flora & Integrity: By feeding our bodies the nutrients they need, you can say goodbye to your constipation woes.

5. Eat the rainbow: We’ve heard this before but it’s been proven time and time again that different produce contain different nutrients, which means different benefits. Green, orange, red, purple, you name it, these rich and vibrant colors found in fruits and vegetables not only help with diseases but they help us with our skin, hair, nails, and teeth.

I can go on for a lifetime about why we should all eat more fruits and vegetables. My final advice to you, try to incorporate them every opportunity you have, do not be afraid to try new fruits and vegetables and continuously re-visit the ones you love. As we approach the end of summer lets maintain those beach bodies by sticking with a healthy lifestyle all year round.

-Trishna Joshi,

Lead Nutritionist – The Fresh Diet

Why Skinny Doesn't Always Mean Healthy

Skinny Doesn’t Always Mean Healthy

It is a common misconception that being thin is healthy, and for a lot of people their health goals lean more towards looking good rather than feeling good, sometimes even putting themselves at risk with some very odd and dangerous diets.

1. The Master Cleanse: This diet originated in the 1940’s, and it consists of a juice fast. Fast being the operative word, which should raise some red flags. No food is allowed and it is substituted by tea and lemonade containing maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Its purpose is to detoxify, but by restricting the intake of important nutrients and vitamins it can cause side effects that include, headaches, constipation and fatigue. According to Harvard Medical School, following such a diet can increase the risk of disrupting the body’s acid-base balance, which causes excessive blood acidity, a condition that can ultimately be fatal.

2. The Tapeworm Diet: Yes, this is not a typo, you read right, tapeworm. If this sounds crazy to you good, because it is! This trend has been around for centuries, according to the, National Women’s History Museum the diet started around the early 1800’s. It consists of swallowing a pill containing the head of a Beef Tapeworm or Taenia Saginata, which will then grab onto to your intestine and grow. This infection causes a loss of appetite because of the presence of the parasite, which can reach up to 30 ft. in length. It will also cause abdominal pain and stomach upset and in some cases, tissue infection and cysts. This nasty diet has been re-surging in the last few decades, with cases reported as late as 2013.

3. The Cotton Ball Diet: This diet gained popularity in the last decade, and it consists of the dieter, dipping cotton balls into orange juice or lemonade and then eating them. The purpose of this diet is to trick the body into thinking that it is full, while having nothing but cotton balls in the stomach. What are the dangers with this diet? Most cotton balls are not really made out of cotton, but polyester, polyester is a synthetic plastic, and it cannot be broken down by our digestive system, causing blockage. Digestive blockage can result in, dehydration, death of the gastrointestinal tract and organ damage.

4. The ‘Balloon Diet’: A controversial new trend, this diet requires the dieter to take a pill, which will inflate into a balloon in your stomach and suppress your appetite. The balloon stays in your system for about 3 months, not allowing you to eat large quantities of food, and then has to be surgically removed by a doctor. The Food and Drug Administration does not currently approve of the, ‘balloon diet’ treatment in the United States and there has been no medical research to conclude what possible long-term effects or side effects it may have. Preliminary risks though may include, balloon deflating and passed in to the small bowel causing an obstruction or gastric balloons can also cause gastric ulcers and injury to the stomach or esophagus.

Incorporating good nutrition and exercise into your wellness routine is the safest most recommended way to be truly fit and healthy. Remember it is not always about the number on the scale but what is on the inside that truly matters.


Andreina Nieves
Marketing Intern – The Fresh Diet

The unique technique behind our, White Chocolate Rose Cheesecake, is that we do not bake it, to capture each ingredients raw, fresh flavor.

To make this dessert, our chefs melt premium white chocolate and mix it in with a cream cheese blend, and a touch of rose water to give it a delicate scent. For the finishing touches, crumbled crackers are used for the bottom crust and finished with a strawberry garnish.


Carlo Ricci

Executive Chef – Miami


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If you work in an office setting, you probably spend much of your day sitting. But studies have shown that by doing so, we are putting our bodies under some long-term, serious health risks.



Use these Helpful Tips to Avoid Body strain


Along with lower back pains and neck strain, sitting for long periods of time can also: decrease your metabolism; compromise your posture; cause herniated lumbar disks; and decrease blood circulation to your legs, which leads to swollen ankles, varicose veins, and deep vein thrombosis (DVT, a serious blood clotting condition). So how can we avoid falling victims to a sedentary lifestyle? Simple, the key is to move around!


Here are some tips you can put into practice to help keep your body moving throughout the day:


Stretch your neck:

Whether at your desk or during your break, put your arms behind you and lift them until you can feel the stretch in your shoulders, and move your chin downwards. This will help you avoid the aches of neck and shoulder strain.


Step away from your desk:

Whenever you’re taking a break feel free to walk around and move. This will help you stretch your legs, and moving around will improve blood circulation.


Set a goal:

Make use of your resources and set a goal on how much you want to move during work. Nowadays there are many devices and apps that can track your physical activity and remind you to move. Set a goal on how much physical activity you want to achieve during your work hours, and use it as a motivator to stay on track.


Stretch your lower back:

You can perform a rotational stretch or toe touches in order to relieve lower back pain. Both of these stretches are easy to do: for the rotational stretch you must only cross your arms and twist to the left until you feel tension, then repeat to the right; for the toe touch you must bend at your waist, with your feet hip-width apart, stop when you feel a stretch and slowly reverse to the starting position.

This week, The Fresh Diet brings to your table modern Asian flavors. Look for these NEW menu items the next time you choose your meals.



Try our Delicious New Menu Items



Breakfast Bento

The Bento Box is a single serving takeout meal commonly found in Japan and used by busy travelers on the move. The Fresh Diet put a breakfast spin on this traditional Japanese classic to make your first meal of the day easy to enjoy on the go. A hard-boiled egg, Gouda cheese, a green apple and fresh grapes make this a powerful breakfast full of protein, calcium and essential nutrients.


Thai Chicken Salad

This Southeast Asian staple integrates fresh pineapple, cashews, red bell peppers and freshly grilled chicken breast on a bed of chopped romaine lettuce, shredded carrots and cabbage.  The refreshingly complex flavor profile of this dish is brought together with a tangy peanut dressing to offer cooling comfort on any warm day.


Teriyaki Salmon

For this very popular dish, salmon filets are marinated in teriyaki sauce and then grilled over high heat, giving the fish a distinctively appealing, caramelized and flavorful crust.  This succulent salmon is finished with thinly sliced green onions and sesame seeds to complete a simple, savory meal.


I have been getting so many great questions from our clients that I’m doing this week’s post as an FAQ section. I hope that no matter what concerns you may have regarding your weight, or healthy eating habits, I can help you find a solution.

Ask The Nutritionist

Know how to Lose Weight with our Fresh Diet Nutritionist


“I haven’t lost any weight this week! What can be happening?”

Many clients start The Fresh Diet with the goal of losing weight. Our programs are calorie and portion controlled, and we have different caloric ranges to fit your specific needs. However, it is not uncommon for your weight to plateau after a certain point, so it is important to remember a few things: muscle weighs more than fat; medications and hormones can impact the rate of weight loss; and cheating on “treats” can add up in calories as well as consuming any high calorie beverages.

So, don’t panic if you do not lose the same amount of weight every week. Take these things into consideration and if you still find yourself having trouble, I’m here to consult with you and help you find the specific cause and get you back on track.


“What can I drink while on The Fresh Diet?”

It is best to stick with water when it comes to staying hydrated within your caloric range. Alcohol and sugary beverages can add up to empty calories that can greatly impact your weight loss.


“How much weight can I lose in a week?”

Each individual is different, however the recommended and safe weight loss equals about 1-2 pounds a week.


“What can I do to lose weight faster?”

To help accelerate your weight loss while on The Fresh Diet program, here are some easy tips: adding a cup or two a day of plain green tea or lemon tea is said to help increase metabolism which helps with weight loss. Also, incorporating physical activity into your routine can also help you burn additional calories.


“What should I do if I have no choice but to eat out one day?”

It is inevitable that we will be forced to eat out for one reason or another. In this case try and opt for vegetable heavy dishes; choose an entree from the appetizer section as they tend to be smaller portions; share a meal with someone else; and avoid items which are fried or have a cream base.


“Do I have to exercise?”

Exercising has many health benefits including disease prevention. Therefore regular physical activity can not only accelerate your weight loss, but it will also be beneficial to your health.


“I hate eating breakfast, what should I do?”

Consuming a healthy breakfast helps kick start our metabolism in the morning, but many people are either not used to eating breakfast or simply are not hungry that early in the day. In this case I recommend starting with a little something whether it’s a cup of yogurt, a glass of milk, or a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning. This will help kick start your metabolism and you can have your breakfast an hour or two later.


“I exercise daily and I’m trying to gain weight, can I do this on your program?”
We offer four caloric ranges and for those clients trying to gain weight and gain muscle I usually recommend the 2200-2400 caloric range. If you are exercising and lifting weights, it is important to make sure you are consuming more calories than you are burning to ensure you reach your desired results.



If you have any questions not covered above, please feel free to send me an email at:

It is all fun and games until our Fresh Diet bags and ice packs start to magically deplete. A request by The Fresh Diet to have all cooler bags and ice packs returned by former clients escalated into a full blown “hostage” negotiation.  What did The Fresh Diet do? We created a comic strip!



*The Fresh Diet would like to remind you to please return the cooler bags & ice packs after every new delivery. We thank you for your cooperation.



When the emails began to happen, we at The Fresh Diet thought it was really funny someone would  kidnap our bags and ice packs to insure your meals are Fresh. As a request to our clients to please return bags and ice packs, someone didn’t take the news as lightly.




The Fresh Diet responded:






To see how the negotiation ended for The Fresh Diet and the our kidnapper, continue to read more on Buzzfeed!



Caitlin Cooks successfully finished her journey with The Fresh Diet and would like to share with you her experiences and some of the delicious prepared meals we offer to our customers.


Here is a great video of  what she thought of The Fresh Diet


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