Fresh Diet partnering with MyCircles

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Fresh Diet partnering with MyCircles

  The Fresh Diet America’s premier at-home meal delivery company announces today that it has recently partnered with MyCircles to provide this innovative company and its member healthy options with The Fresh Diet in the food and beverage market.   MyCircles is an interest based network that allows its members to create multiple profiles for Social, Professional and Dating connections like no other site.  Their unique privacy settings let you keep your social, dating and professional profiles all separate.  MyCircles will provide it’s members  with access to The Fresh Diet’s many fresh delivered meal options.  MyCircles was a natural choice for The Fresh […]

Surfside Gazette – Talk of the Town

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Surfside Gazette - Talk of the Town

Check out the Surfside Gazette for a great story about The Fresh Diet’s Founders.  In 2005 Zalmi Duchman and Chef Yos Schwartz started America’s #1 gourmet meal delivery company, growing it to become the leader in the home meal delivery space.  Today, the company with about 350 employees is one of the largest U.S. food producers in the fresh cooked, daily delivered category, delivering healthy, gourmet meal plans daily to homes in 12 states and 44 metropolitan areas across the country.  Zalmi and The Fresh Diet have earned numerous prestigious accolades over the years, including making the Inc. 500 list consecutively […]

Women’s Success Summit Partnership

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Women's Success Summit Partnership

North Miami, FL. (Dec 1, 2014) The Fresh Diet, America’s #1 meal delivery company has signed on as an official sponsor of Miami’s largest business conference for entrepreneurial women Women’s Success Summit IX.  The Fresh Diet, founded in Miami in 2005 The Fresh Diet understands the entrepreneurial spirit and is celebrating that spirit by providing lunch for The Women’s Success Summit.  The Fresh Diet is looking forward to being partners with The Women’s Success Summit and all of it’s attendees for a long time to come.   About The Women’s Success Summit: The Women’s Success Summit was founded in June 2010 by […]

20 Under 40 Awards – Miami Herald

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20 Under 40 Awards - Miami Herald

20 Under 40. Zalmi Duchman, Chairman of The Fresh Diet was recognized by The Miami Herald with a “20 Under 40″ award. Zalmi Duchman is Chairman and the Founder of Fresh Diet. He began operations on January 1, 2006, with three clients. While Zalmi “shopped and dropped,” his wife “cooked and packed.” Today, Zalmi has grown The Fresh Diet to become the largest US food producer in the freshly-prepared, daily delivery category – which now delivers meal plans to thousands of clients nationwide. Fresh Diet is America’s #1 Gourmet Meal Delivery service. With 5 kitchens nationwide in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and […]

Almost 40lbs gone!

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The first part of this weight loss journey is coming to an end in a few short months. I can’t believe how fast the year has gone. I am down almost 40lbs. I have taken up scuba again and have truly enjoyed how this year has turned out. I am a new person with a new body. My journey is going to continue even after the Fresh Diet. It has been an incredible year. Starting new things, taking care of myself both physically and mentally. When you gain weight (at least for me) even though I didn’t let it stop […]

Meatless Monday!

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Meatless Monday!

  Let’s go Meatless Monday! I read an article in January’s issue of Today’s Dietitian, which sparked my interest in the Meatless Monday campaign. Meatless Monday is a non-profit initiative to help individuals reduce their meat consumption by the recommended 15%, which will improve not only your health but also your carbon footprint. Some of the health benefits of cutting out meat one day a week include: • Reducing risk of heart disease • Limit cancer risk • Lowering cholesterol • Lowering blood pressure levels and hypertension • Fights type 2 diabetes • Improves your diet by increasing fiber and […]

Scuba Diving Trip to Bonaire!

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Scuba Diving Trip to Bonaire!

Hi There, So many things have changed for me since my last blog entry. The holidays were a great time with friends and family. It tends to be a very hard time for most people, including me, to stay on track. There are so many distractions and temptations but with The Fresh Diet I was able to stay focused. Trust me on the actually holiday I had things that I have always enjoyed but I only did it for one meal. I was able to survive the holidays and actually loose 2 more pounds. Who usually does that? Nobody I […]


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TFD Announces Customer Surveys!

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Last week, The Fresh Diet hosted the company’s first ever Executive Conference in Miami. In order to keep you up to date on all of the great things that TFD has in the works, we’ll be posting brief summaries of some of the content that was presented during the conference. The following is a brief note from TFD’s Director of Quality Control Oscar Schwartz. Hi Everyone, Along with all of the other great initiatives currently being worked on here at The Fresh Diet, I would like to announce an exciting new project. As the director of our Quality Control department, […]

Fresh Diet Pics: New York State of Mind!

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Live from New York… it’s Saturday Night! (OK, so the above picture was taken earlier in the week.) Groupon hosted a live event in NY this week, and The Fresh Diet was in attendance. Here is a photo taken with a Blackberry of Fresh Diet CEO Zalmi Duchman and Fresh Diet Executive Chef Yosef Schwartz doing what they most love to do… feeding people healthy meals.