Strawberry Pancakes with Mango and Ricotta Cheese Shrimp Burger Mini Zucchini Quiches Cappuccino Cheesecake Smoked Lemon Salmon with Spaghetti Squash and Grilled Asparagus Mango Stuffed Pork with Glazed Carrots and Sugar Snap Peas Coffee Coconut Brownie Grilled London Broil with Raspberry Chipotle Sauce

Fresh Faces

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Meet Arley Betteridge, TFD’s Sales Team Leader!

Our food is so delicious that The Fresh Diet should sell itself. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. However, thanks to the hard work of dedicated employees like Arley Betteridge, sales are currently going through the roof. She’s The Fresh Diet’s Sales Team Leader.

“My responsibilities are not that of a typical sales representative,” Arley says. “While I do sell our delicious Fresh Diet programs, my primary focus is directed to our team. I try to support, motivate and encourage our sales associates so that overall we can create solid satisfaction amongst clients. “

Arley has been with the company on and off since December of 2009 and works on everything from the delegation of tasks to training and scheduling. She also assists TFD’s Sales Manager Debbie Rivera in many aspects of management, including setting goals and communicating those goals to employees. I would describe a typical day at work for Arley, but nothing about her job is really typical. Then again, nothing about The Fresh Diet is typical either. All I can tell you is that she somehow maintains a sunny demeanor in spite of working extremely long hours.

“I don’t think I would recognize an eight hour workday if it came up and shook my hand,” Arley says.

But, hey, at least Arley gets to spend plenty of time with family… her Fresh diet family, that is! She particularly loves the sense of community present in the workplace.

“We have created a huge family, and that can be seen in any aspect of this company,” Arley says. “And, what brings a family together more than food?”

When it comes to Fresh Diet food, Arley likes the salads best of all. In fact, she says most of the FD salads are better than anything you can buy in a restaurant. She has recommended The Fresh Diet to friends and family members alike. She even signed her own mother up for the program.

“If I recommended this to my mother, you know it must be good,” Arley says.

Though she isn’t married yet, wedding bells are in Arley’s near future. She is happily engaged to a wonderful man, but the true love of her life is apparently a puppy named Johnny Cash. When she isn’t busy working for The Fresh Diet, Arley also enjoys adventure travel.

“I love being able to work in an environment that allows for their consumer to have SUCH flexibility with all aspects of their programs,” Arley says. “We have flexibility and diversity in our service to the client, and while it is great for the client… I can selfishly say that it makes our jobs much more rewarding!”

There’s no “I” in team, but there happens to be an “Arley” on this one. And, we’re all extremely grateful for that!

Arley Betteridge has healthy living in the bag. What about you? Click here to join the Fresh Diet customer family today!

Important letter from Chef Yos!

To all of our loyal customers:

First of all, I want to thank you all for your patronage and loyalty towards The Fresh Diet.  We work very hard daily to provide you with the freshest, most delicious food available and appreciate you, and the feedback we receive.  Our goal is to please each and every one of you and to exceed your expectations.

As some of you know, Zalmi and I started The Fresh Diet 5 years ago in Zalmi’s kitchen.  I did the cooking and Zalmi did the deliveries.  We started because of our love of healthy food, and how it could positively affect people who needed to lose weight.  Of course, we also wanted to create a convenient way for busy people to enjoy healthy gourmet meals as well.

We have grown considerably in the last 5 years; yet still strive to provide you with the company feel of a small business in terms of communication, and customer service.

That said, some of you might be noticing changes to the food portions you receive each day.  Some of you may be getting smaller portions, and some of you may be seeing larger portions.  You are also likely to see our food presented in a slightly different manner.

I wanted to take this time to write and explain to you why this is the case.

In the last 6 months we have added a professional nutritional team under the guidance of Nutrition Analyst Victoria Hudson BSHN.  Victoria has been on the process of reviewing all of our recipes, and tweaking them for both aesthetic and nutritional harmony (for instance tweaking recipes to include more vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 and 6 compounds).

We are now rolling out these changes – and standardizing your meal portions across all of our kitchens.  This is an important step in the growth of The Fresh Diet.  We have created a new specifications book that each kitchen will use to optimize the vitamin and nutritional balance, and of course portions you receive, for your maximum health. Sometimes simple things like one kitchen chopping an ingredient vs. pureeing that same ingredient in another kitchen can affect the taste and most certainly the look of a meal.  That’s just one example of many tweaks we are making to your meals for consistency purposes.

If you follow us on Facebook (, you know that there have been many discussions lately about the differences in how our food looks in different regions (different kitchens).  To our Facebook fans, please know that we have been listening carefully to all of your comments.

As you also know, we offer you calorie options for each day, and each option has a range.  There is a 200 calorie “swing” per day on all plans.  Victoria and her team, under my guidance have tightened that calorie gap up. If you are on the 1200 to 1400 calorie plan and find that you are not getting enough calories, our customer service team can always move you to a higher calorie plan based on your weight loss or maintenance goals.

You should note that we have quadrupled the size of our customer service staff in the last three months in anticipation of this and other exciting changes we will make to help you maintain the best possible health.

On behalf of myself, my staff and the entire Fresh Diet team, we wish you good health and look forward to a long relationship with you as your daily meal delivery provider.  If you have any questions, please send an email to and we will be happy to provide you with more info.

Sincerely yours


P.S. Now for the great news!! Now that I have a large nutritional and culinary team in place, we are pleased to announce that we are almost finished with our Fresh Cookbook!!  We will be rolling out a Brand NEW Summer Menu for TFD and many other new and exciting programs will be coming very soon!!!

Let Chef Yos be your personal chef. Sign up for The Fresh Diet today!

Carol has healthy living in the bag!

It is time to introduce one of our favorite members of The Fresh Diet customer family. Carol Beaudoin is a nurse, who prescribes The Fresh Diet for a dose of healthy living! Carol has been a Fresh Diet customer for just over one year now. She already exceeded her weight loss goal by dropping 26 pounds in her first 2 ½ months on the plan. Now, Carol remains on The Fresh Diet for maintenance and good health.

“I’ve had a spastic colon for years, and the Fresh Diet keeps it in total control,” Carol says. “Thank you, Fresh Diet!”

Carol recognizes gourmet food when she tastes it, too. In addition to being a nurse, she is also an accomplished cook. In fact, before signing up for The Fresh Diet, Carol used to cook all of her meals from scratch. She even grows her own vegetables and makes her own relishes, pickles, jams, and jellies.

“I love how really fresh and gourmet the food is,” Carol says. “The Fresh Diet has a quality product that does not disappoint. During the whole year that I’ve been on it, I’ve never felt deprived.”

The list of Carol’s favorite Fresh Diet meals is quite extensive. She particularly loves all of the entrees with Salmon in them. Other favorites include Baked Chicken Florentine with Spinach & Parmesan Cheese, Walnut Crusted Chicken Apricot Roulade, Chicken Collette, Tender Beef Fillet with BBQ Bourbon Sauce, Mandarin Duck Pancakes with Scallions, and the Thai Turkey Burger on Whole Wheat Ciabatta & Peanut Sauce.

“I don’t have a favorite salad, because I’m addicted to all salads and The Fresh Diet feeds my addiction,” Carol says.

As far as breakfast goes, Carol loves the fruits, granola, and omelets — her favorite being the Goat cheese, baby spinach & sun-dried tomato omelet with seven grain toast. When it is time for dessert, Carol enjoys everything with chocolate, especially the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.  She says the taste reminds her of the homemade cookies that used to come out of her own kitchen. Naturally, she’s also partial to the cheesecake.

“Do you know that The Fresh Diet has 25 flavors of Cheesecake?” Carol asks. “ Chef Yosef, am I right? I love them all!”

If you ever visit The Fresh Diet’s page on Facebook, you know that Carol is one of the most active and compassionate participants. She loves the Fresh Diet’s Facebook community, since members are there for one another in genuine support. Carol is always willing to lend a hand to new customers, which is no surprise considering that her entire life has been about service.

“From a young age, I’ve been taught that we are here for and to help one another,” Carol says.

When she was young, Carol always dreamed of joining the Peace Corps. She eventually entered a convent to become a nun, but found that wasn’t the right path for her. Carol finally found her calling when she became a nurse. Her career in nursing has spanned over 43 years, since Carol originally worked in operating rooms and then became a private duty nurse.

When she was about 32 years of age, Carol met Laurence Curtis, a spinal cord injury quadriplegic patient. They have been together for 32 very happy years. (Incidentally, Laurence Curtis is also a proud Fresh Diet customer.)

Carol has a daughter and two grandchildren who live 3,000 miles away. She is also an animal lover, who has owned her fair share of kitties and puppies. Currently, she has a Westie! Now that she has her meals delivered from The Fresh Diet, Carol has time available for other hobbies, including gardening, painting with acrylics, hiking, and photography.  She is also an accomplished writer with two blogs.

“The Fresh Diet actually inspired me to start a blog,” Carol says. “I never had a blog before.”

Her first blog is all about The Fresh Diet: how she first came to hear of it, why she tried it, and how much she loves it. Whenever Carol comes across a person on The Fresh Diet’s Facebook page who is troubled about something, it inspires her to blog on that very topic.

“The Fresh Diet has become a big part of my life,” Carol says. “I’m healthier, and have lots of energy, unlike other diets that always are so draining. I’ve also become so spoiled!”

Catol is a member of The Fresh Diet customer family. Maybe it is time for you to join, too. Click here to have our gourmet meals delivered to your doorstep.

Though she has had a passion for cooking ever since she was a little girl, Chef Carolina didn’t find the perfect recipe for weight loss until she came to work for The Fresh Diet a couple of years ago. Not only is she Executive Chef of our Miami Kitchen, she is also a customer. In fact, Carolina has already lost a stunning 80 lbs. by eating the very same fresh, gourmet meals she helps prepare.

“The Fresh Diet is basically all I eat,” Carolina says. “Our food is fabulous and the portions are sensible.”

Even though she works extremely long hours at The Fresh Diet kitchen, Carolina doesn’t use that as an excuse not to exercise. She works out for an hour at least three times per week by using free weights in her home. Though it isn’t easy to find the time for exercise, at least staying on the Fresh Diet takes all of the work out of following a healthy meal plan.

“It seems like everybody is trying to lose weight nowadays, but The Fresh Diet actually makes sense,” Carolina says. “It teaches people the right way to eat!”

Though she is intimately familiar with everything on the menu, Carolina’s personal favorite Fresh Diet dinner is the Sea Bass. The cheesecake may be all the rage on our Facebook page, but this chef admits she prefers the chocolate cupcakes for dessert. And, that’s quite a compliment, considering that Carolina is a bit of a cake connoisseur. She even grew up in a family where they made their own birthday cakes from scratch.

Italian cooking is another specialty for Chef Carolina, since her family is originally from Italy. She actually grew up in the small city of Acarigua in northwestern Venezuela though. As soon as she finished high school, Carolina moved to South Florida in pursuit of the American dream. She has certainly worked her way up the ranks at The Fresh Diet, too. In February of 2009, Carolina went to work in the Miami kitchen as a prep cook. Before long, she had worked her way up to Sous Chef. Recently, when Carlo Ricci was promoted to the executive team, Carolina assumed the role of Executive Chef. Some of her many current responsibilities include assigning tasks to everyone in the kitchen, overseeing the menus, and making sure that all of the food that gets delivered meets The Fresh Diet’s standards.

Each day, Carolina gets to The Fresh Diet kitchen by 5 a.m. and she rarely leaves before 5 p.m. Fortunately, she still gets to spend plenty of time with her husband Marco, because he is one of the cooks. Chef Carolina found more than a career path with The Fresh Diet kitchen though. She also found a family.

“I just working for The Fresh Diet,” Carolina raves. “Everybody in the kitchen does a great job, and we’re all so close. It really is a family atmosphere.”

In 2011, Chef Carolina resolves to reach her weight loss goal. She still wants to lose twenty pounds, and she hopes to do it by the summer. Whether you have made a resolution to lose weight or not, she recommends The Fresh Diet.

“I would recommend The Fresh Diet to anybody,” Carolina says. “It is just a healthy lifestyle.”

Chef Carolina found the perfect recipe for weight loss. Have you? Click here to become a member of The Fresh Diet family today!

If you’ve ever made a post on The Fresh Diet’s page on Facebook, you probably already know Donna Malley-Burke. She became a Fresh Diet customer back in May of 2010, but we can no longer think of Donna as a mere customer. To all of us here at The Fresh Diet, Donna has become like part of the family. After all, she is one of the most active participants in our rapidly-growing Facebook community.  In fact, Donna often responds to Facebook posts long before The Fresh Diet staff, and she even helps run many of the contests.

You’ve probably chatted online with this 44-year-old Fresh Diet enthusiast, but there are still many things about Donna you may not know.

“I was born with Muscular Dystrophy and have been in a wheelchair since the age of 4,” Donna says. “I have had a weight issue most of my life since I am not able to exercise at all.”

When Donna started weighing in at almost 200 pounds, she knew it was time to do something. This former 911 operator realized she had a personal emergency on her hands. Though she originally lost weight with another program, Donna didn’t find the solution she was looking for until she dispatched The Fresh Diet. She did drop 100 pounds, but eating became kind of a chore. Donna longed for fresh, healthy meals but didn’t think having gourmet meals delivered was a realistic possibility. That is, until she stumbled across The Fresh Diet’s page on Facebook.

“I was so excited to learn that I didn’t have to eat prepackaged, shelf stable food anymore or make my husband try to cook something healthy,” Donna says. “I wish I found out about The Fresh Diet years ago.”

Since she loves sea food, Donna’s favorite Fresh Diet entrée is the Filet of Chilean Sea Bass with Citrus Chipotle Sauce. In the mornings, she enjoys granola with fruit and yogurt or ricotta cheese or the egg burritos. As for dessert?! Well, as everyone on Facebook knows, Donna’s favorite Fresh Diet dessert is the Sugar-Free Dulce de Leche Sandwich Cookie.

“I would marry this cookie if it was possible,” Donna says.

There are no plans for any kind of cookie wedding ceremony though, since Donna is very happy with her husband of eighteen years named Keith. Donna and Keith live in Long Island, along with Donna’s  trusty, 9-year-old service dog “Haley.”

As you may remember, Donna was the winner of The Fresh Diet’s recipe contest. Not only did she win a free month of meal delivery, Donna got to visit The Fresh Diet’s NY kitchen and meet our beloved Chef Yos.

“He treated me like a Queen, receiving me with flowers and a Fresh Diet hat,” Donna says. “We also had a feast, which included my revised Turkey Meatloaf winning recipe and a chocolate chip cheesecake for dessert.

Not only would Donna recommend The Fresh Diet to others, she already has. In fact, she estimates that at least ten people have signed up because of her, and all of them are still enjoying the program. If you have been thinking about trying The Fresh Diet, Donna encourages you to start reading the information and posts on The Fresh Diet’s Facebook Page.

“It is not often a company will take the time to give some much back to their customers as the Fresh Diet does,” Donna says. “They are always there to help us out no matter what we need. I also love that we are allowed and asked to help out by answering questions, running, and even judging contests. It’s like a big family!”

Maybe it’s time for you to join The Fresh Diet customer family. Click here to have our fresh, gourmet meals delivered to your door.

When you say “jump,” TFD asks “how high?”

Last week, The Fresh Diet hosted the company’s first ever Executive Conference in Miami. In order to keep you up to date on all of the great things that TFD has in the works, we’ll be posting brief summaries of some of the content that was presented during the conference. The following is a brief note from TFD’s Director of Quality Control Oscar Schwartz.

Hi Everyone,

Along with all of the other great initiatives currently being worked on here at The Fresh Diet, I would like to announce an exciting new project. As the director of our Quality Control department, I am in the process of designing customer surveys!

Yes, I will be conducting three different client surveys that will help us to better understand how we can serve you better! In fact, I would love for you all to send me your ideas about the type of questions you think need to be asked after a client’s first week, throughout the course of their program, and at the end of their program.

I am extremely excited about this new project and I can’t wait to hear all of your ideas.

Oscar Schwartz
Quality Control, Customer Care, & Billing

If you aren’t a Fresh Diet customer yet, be sure to join the survey population. Click here to have our fresh, gourmet meals delivered right to your door.

Fresh Diet CFO Richard Silverman talks to the Director of Corporate Development Brielle Batory at the first Fresh Diet Management Conference.

Last week, The Fresh Diet hosted the company’s first ever Executive Conference in Miami. Here are some reflections on the event from our CFO Richard Silverman…

The Fresh Diet’s 1st Executive Conference was held in Miami last Wednesday and Thursday. When the event was announced roughly 6 weeks ago, it came as a very happy surprise. Along with Sandy in LA, we wrote a note to Zalmi about holding just such a conference several months before. It was heartening to see the proposal come to life!

On a personal level, the conference was all I could have asked of a first effort. Nearly everyone invited was able to attend. I had the opportunity to finally meet people I had only spoken to or knew about. The enthusiasm and energy within the group was something I have rarely encountered.

It should be noted that at the ripe old age of 56, I have worked for many people and companies in my career. I have been present at the birth of start-ups and the kick-off meetings of several major corporate projects. The feeling in this meeting was different. It was enthusiasm backed by confidence – confidence built on a history of organizational success. Unlike many other projects with which I have been involved, this was a confidence based on a history of success and not hope alone. It was a strange and exciting feeling.

Professionally, I hope my associates heard the subliminal theme that many of us tried to impart in our presentations. We need to maintain an organizational focus on our customers and our products. Growth is important for any organization. But growth cannot come at the expense of the people who made this all possible. Those people are our customers — current, past, and future. They know us by the products we offer and the service we extend in bringing those products to them. The Facebook, the games, the personalities, the videos, etc. are nice little additions, but in the end it is our products, our service and our reputation that define us. I trust the message was heard, but I will take every opportunity between now and next years conference to reinforce it. – Richard Silverman

The Fresh Diet is growing rapidly. That’s because you just can’t beat our fresh, gourmet meals. Click here to join The Fresh Diet customer family today!

Tina Hurban is writing her own success story with TFD!

If you ever visit The Fresh Diet’s Facebook page, you probably already know Tina Hurban! Tina has been an enthusiastic customer since May of 2010. But, it is hard to think of Tina as just a customer. To all of us here at The Fresh Diet, she is like a member of the family. (An enthusiastic member of the family at that!)

Tina has dropped a whopping 31 lbs. by eating our fresh, healthy meals. And, she’s feeling better than ever these days! (Well, except for the fact that Tina thinks she may have become addicted to The Fresh Diet’s fruit salad. Don’t worry, Tina! That’s a healthy addiction to have.) Her other favorite Fresh Diet meals include: grilled steak salad with romaine lettuce, tomato, red onion, and horseradish dressing and chicken cordon blue with ham and swiss cheese with nine grain pilaf and sweet potato leeks mash. As for dessert? While most people say the cheesecake, Tina actually prefers the chocolate pudding topped with roasted almonds or the sugar-free apple cranberry cake.

In addition to eating our fresh, healthy food, Tina exercises at least 5 days per week. She rides her bike for a mile or more every day and takes her dog on plenty of walks, too. When she can’t make it outside, Tina doesn’t use bad weather as an excuse not to exercise.

“When it is raining out, I use my Wii fitness for an hour to get the exercise in,” Tina says.

As a Navy wife, Tina had made her share of sacrifices… including moving seven times in less than a decade. Her husband has also been deployed many times.

“It is tough during that time but we always pull together as a family and manage to get through it,” Tina says.

Tina is the proud mother of three daughters: Katie (21), Ashlee (16), and Alexis (9). She volunteers at her youngest daughter’s school, which gives this mom the chance to see little Lexi’s smiling face all day long. When they are not at school together, the two enjoy going to the beach and bike riding.

“I was so happy to lose weight and be able to get back out there and enjoy all these activities with her,” Tina says.

Another thing Tina can do with her daughter is cheer on the San Diego Chargers. Lexi has been a jr. Charger girl for the past four years, and the Hurban family is friendly with the entire Charger cheerleader squad. (We’re still waiting for Tina to sign the Charger cheerleaders up for The Fresh Diet!)

As we mentioned, Tina is an active participant in The Fresh Diet’s community on Facebook. You might even say she is our virtual cheerleader. Right now, the only thing Tina would change about The Fresh Diet would be to put herself on the payroll. Having Tina as a member of the staff might be a realistic possibility, too. After all, she did create the latest Facebook contest: “What would you do for a free week of The Fresh Diet?”

Tina Hurban is writing her own success story with The Fresh Diet! Maybe it is time for you to do the same. Click here to have our fresh, gourmet meals delivered!

Meet Fresh Diet ECO Carlo Ricci!

Carlo Ricci is The Fresh Diet’s ECO (that stands for Executive Culinary Officer, by the way). It is not exactly a common title or a common position. Carlo really has his hand in nearly every aspect of the business, and he knows The Fresh Diet’s business plan like the back of his hand. As ECO, the duties that Carlo performs include: doing R&D for the menus, creating systems for operations in the kitchen, working with the chefs to make sure all of the meals meet The Fresh Diet’s standards, and helping set up new locations for The Fresh Diet. These are just some of the many responsibilities Carlo has at The Fresh Diet! He has worked for the company ever since it opened!

Carlo’s favorite Fresh Diet meals include the Wild Mushroom and Feta Cheese Egg Bake (breakfast), the Lamb Burger (lunch), and the Turkey Chili Con Carne (dinner). As for dessert? Naturally, Carlo likes The Fresh Diet cheesecake. Being a South Floridian, the Key Lime Cheesecake is his favorite.
Though there are other meal delivery programs out there, Carlo says none of them can compare with The Fresh Diet. “We offer the real deal when it comes to providing freshly made meals every day,” Carlo says. “We even offer four options for each meal. That’s like having a private chef cooking for you. You can’t get fresher than that!”

According to Carlos, the best thing about working for The Fresh Diet is the environment created by the owners. Since most of the employees are 30 and under, Carlos says the atmosphere is electrifying.

“I love waking up in the morning and coming to work,” Carlo says. “How many people can honestly say that?”

When he’s not busy working for The Fresh Diet, Carlo enjoys going to the gym and going out to dinner with his wife. He also enjoys racing in his Mitsubishi Evolution (no wonder he enjoys working for a company that is on the fast track).

Carlo is extremely grateful to his wife Mardia for all of the support she gives him each and every day. They don’t have any children yet, but the couple is busy raising a couple of dogs: Hercules and Tina!

In his professional life, Carlo is looking forward to continuing to grow with The Fresh Diet.

“At a time when most other companies are either shrinking or going out of business, we are going nowhere but up!”

Even during the most difficult economic times, The Fresh Diet is expanding like crazy rapidly. That’s because you just can’t beat our fresh, gourmet meals. Click here to join The Fresh Diet customer family today!

If you haven’t read Donna Manley’s blog recently, today is a good day to check it out. Donna, or as she is known around the blogosphere, Fresh Diet Girl has lost over 80 pounds on TFD, and she’s still going strong. Check out her latest blog post to read what Donna has to say about positive affirmations. And, if you’re looking for a good affirmation, Donna has a few for you. Ok, she has more than a few. She has a whole page of inspiring affirmations. Eat your heart out, Stuart Smalley!

Donna Manley is writing her own success story with The Fresh Diet, and you can, too! Click here to join our customer family.

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