Fresh Faces

New Pics From Our Miami Photo Shoot!

Now, as you know, we make only fresh, gourmet food here at The Fresh Diet. We never add artificial ingredients to our meals, so why would we add unsavory ingredients to make them photograph better? Many food stylists create pictures of dishes that include such unappetizing things as paints, varnishes, shellac (and other building supplies). We shutter at the thought! When preparing meals for the photo shoot, Fresh Diet Chef Carlo Ricci did not add anything he wouldn’t add normally. So, you might say the photographer took pictures of “naked” Fresh Diet meals.

Exclusive: Behind the Scenes at The Fresh Diet Photo Shoot!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go behind the scenes of a big photo shoot? Well, The Fresh Diet is giving you an all-access pass. Today was day 2 of a massive photo shoot at our Miami kitchen. We have over 600 items to shoot when you consider main dishes, side dishes and desserts.

Our Chief Marketing officer snapped a few pictures of the photographer, who was busy taking photographs of our meals. (Got it?)

Happy Father’s Day from The Fresh Diet Family to Yours!

Being a good father is probably the highest calling a man can assume in life. That’s why it is so important to take this opportunity to honor all of the fathers and grandfathers in our Fresh Diet community. While a person can never really take a break from the responsibilities of fatherhood, at least we set aside one day a year to honor the special role dads have in our lives. All of us at The Fresh Diet would like to wish you a Happy Father’s Day. If you are a father or grandfather, be sure to enjoy your special day.

Fresh Diet News: Healthy Living in the Bag!

Ok, it is time to let the cat out of the bag. We’re creating new, larger delivery bags, because some of our Fresh Diet customers have requested more room. Below are the prototype line drawings that Jose our Brand Director put together. Let us know which one you like best by posting a comment below.

Fresh Diet Photos: Our Miami Kitchen Staff!

It is time for a little CSI Miami: Cooking Scene Investigation, that is! Here’s a photo of The Fresh Diet’s Miami kitchen staff. If you are a Fresh Diet customer from the 305 (or other parts of South Florida), these are the people who work so hard to prepare the fresh, gourmet food that you eat each day. They do such a spectacular job that we wanted you to see a picture of them. Stay tuned for behind the scenes photos from other Fresh Diet kitchens around this great nation of ours.

Fresh Diet Contests: Here Are The Submit a Slogan Contest Winners!

Here at The Fresh Diet, we just love to give things away. That’s why we have new contests all the time! In our latest contest, we asked people what they would do if they were the new marketing director for The Fresh Diet. What we really wanted was for people to come up with a new slogan for The Fresh Diet! Well, the results are in, and we definitely received some creative slogans. So, here are the winners. Drum roll please…

Fresh Diet Taste Test: How to Almost FAKE a Testimonial!

We may have lots of Hollywood celebrities on our customer list, but we don’t use professional actors or actresses for our commercials — just real reactions from regular people. Heck, we don’t even tell people that they are eating diet food.

Fresh Diet Contest: And Then There Were Three More Winners!

We recently had a caption contest on Facebook, so it is time to announce the winners! Our Facebook fans were asked to submit a caption for the above photo of our CEO and CTO. Well, guess what? There were so many creative and entertaining captions that we ended up choosing THREE big winners. Congratulations to the following people, who will soon be receiving a free week of The Fresh Diet!