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Follow Fresh Diet Executive Chef Yosef Schwartz on Twitter!


It is just amazing how many celebrities you can follow on Twitter these days. Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Mariel Hemmingway, Eli Manning, George Lucas, and Snoop Dogg… just to name a few! Best of all, you can follow Fresh Diet Executive Chef Yosef Schwartz. After all, none of the other people I just mentioned know how to make the best cheesecake in the world. Be sure to follow Chef Yosef on Twitter @chefyos!

Fresh Takes: Meet Arley Betteridge, TFD’s Sales Team Leader!


Our food is so delicious that The Fresh Diet should sell itself. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. However, thanks to the hard work of dedicated employees like Arley Betteridge, sales are currently going through the roof. She’s The Fresh Diet’s Sales Team Leader. “My responsibilities are not that of a typical sales representative,” Arley says. “While I… Read more »

From the desk of CHEF YOS Schwartz, Co-Founder and CHIEF CULINARY OFFICER


To all of our loyal customers: First of all, I want to thank you all for your patronage and loyalty towards The Fresh Diet.  We work very hard daily to provide you with the freshest, most delicious food available and appreciate you, and the feedback we receive.  Our goal is to please each and every one of you… Read more »

Chef Carolina Finds The Perfect Recipe for Weight Loss!

Though she has had a passion for cooking ever since she was a little girl, Chef Carolina didn’t find the perfect recipe for weight loss until she came to work for The Fresh Diet a couple of years ago. Not only is she Executive Chef of our Miami Kitchen, she is also a customer. In… Read more »

FD Customer Family: Meet Donna Malley-Burke!


If you’ve ever made a post on The Fresh Diet’s page on Facebook, you probably already know Donna Malley-Burke. She became a Fresh Diet customer back in May of 2010, but we can no longer think of Donna as a mere customer. To all of us here at The Fresh Diet, Donna has become like… Read more »

TFD Announces Customer Surveys!

Last week, The Fresh Diet hosted the company’s first ever Executive Conference in Miami. In order to keep you up to date on all of the great things that TFD has in the works, we’ll be posting brief summaries of some of the content that was presented during the conference. The following is a brief… Read more »

TFD CFO Reflects on The Fresh Diet Management Conference!


Last week, The Fresh Diet hosted the company’s first ever Executive Conference in Miami. Here are some reflections on the event from our CFO Richard Silverman… The Fresh Diet’s 1st Executive Conference was held in Miami last Wednesday and Thursday. When the event was announced roughly 6 weeks ago, it came as a very happy… Read more »

FD Customer Family: Meet Tina Hurban!


If you ever visit The Fresh Diet’s Facebook page, you probably already know Tina Hurban! Tina has been an enthusiastic customer since May of 2010. But, it is hard to think of Tina as just a customer. To all of us here at The Fresh Diet, she is like a member of the family. (An enthusiastic member of the family at that!)