Strawberry Pancakes with Mango and Ricotta Cheese Shrimp Burger Mini Zucchini Quiches Cappuccino Cheesecake Smoked Lemon Salmon with Spaghetti Squash and Grilled Asparagus Mango Stuffed Pork with Glazed Carrots and Sugar Snap Peas Coffee Coconut Brownie Grilled London Broil with Raspberry Chipotle Sauce

At the recent premiere of Holly Madison’s E! Entertainment reality TV show Holly’s World, the blonde bombshell and former Playboy model had lots to talk about… including The Fresh Diet. When the producers demanded she lose weight, Holly got Fresh with them. Though she used to eat out all the time, this stunning star has found healthy living in the bag. Now, having our fresh, gourmet meals delivered right to her door is part of Holly’s world. Click here to find out what Holly had to say during the premiere of Holly’s World, Season Two. Photo: Holly’s World Season 2 Premiere Party (Denise Truscello/WireImage)

The Fresh Diet is already part of Holly’s World. Make it part of yours, too. Click here to have our fresh, gourmet meals delivered.

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