Strawberry Pancakes with Mango and Ricotta Cheese Shrimp Burger Mini Zucchini Quiches Cappuccino Cheesecake Smoked Lemon Salmon with Spaghetti Squash and Grilled Asparagus Mango Stuffed Pork with Glazed Carrots and Sugar Snap Peas Coffee Coconut Brownie Grilled London Broil with Raspberry Chipotle Sauce


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A new year brings with it new opportunities and a chance to start afresh. Shannon Stone-Winding is happy to be returning to Fresh Diet. Shannon’s remarkable journey started in March of 2011. After a visit to her doctor and a weigh in of 611 pounds Shannon knew she had to take action – and fast!  ‘I felt like I was going to die. It was my rock bottom!” Shannon immediately contacted The Fresh Diet and began on the program. She also joined a waiting list for the Wellness Center at Chicago’s Northwestern Hospital.


By following the program Shannon lost a significant 75 pounds. The loss meant she was eligible for the sleeve surgery. Following her approval, the surgery was performed by Dr. Alex Nagle in December 2011. Shannon continued with The Fresh Diet following the surgery to accelerate her results. During the surgery recovery, she was limited on her intake and after two years had the gastric bypass surgery in July of 2014.  She has lost a stunning total of almost 300 pounds.


Shannon loves the fresh food on the program and enjoys returning to her “gift bags” at her door each morning. “As a true Chicago foodie”, she is adamant that had the food not been up to the highest standard of quality and taste, she would have reverted to old habits and not reached her goals. Shannon speaks from experience as she has tried other delivery services and has used freezer meals. “Nothing compares to The Fresh Diet!”  In addition to the food, she also enjoys The Fresh Diet newsletter, social media platforms and now the nutritionist!


As the Assistant to the Dean for Special Projects at DePaul University School for New Learning Shannon’s job is extremely busy.  “Grabbing my bag as I walk out the door and treating myself with small meals throughout the day is now part of my routine.” This structure, in connection with therapy, fitness and other wellness activities is the new and improved rhythm to Shannon’s life.

“When I started this journey, I would use a cane and walker daily and on vacations an electronic wheelchair.  My goals were small: to walk with no assistive devices, to lower my medications, to live.  Now, my ultimate goal is to live well with my husband, Derrick, extended family and friends! I use no assistive devices, am off my medications and life is much larger than I knew!  My possibilities are endless! I am grateful for all the support from my family, friends, Fresh Diet team, Northwestern medical team and support group buddies, and my extended DePaul family!”


Shannon is continuously using Fresh Diet on her ongoing journey in regaining control of her health and her life! The Fresh Diet team tip our hats to her! Bring on 2015 – Shannon is ready!



In addition to our already delicious food choices, we are kicking off our new menu on Valentine’s Day with a filet mignon accompanied by a creamy hollandaise sauce and our new decadent strawberry cheesecake. These are not the only new items! Take a look below to see more and let us know what’s your favorite?

Bacon & Cheddar Breakfast Cornbread Muffin with Pineapple
Only 280 Calories
Bacon, cheddar cheese, scallions, onions, and tomatoes baked into a cornbread muffin and served with a sweet side of fresh pineapple.
Shrimp Veracruz
Only 70 Calories
A hearty blend of a vegetable and zesty cocktail sauce served with a large poached shrimp.
Shrimp and Corn
Only 90 Calories
A sweet and savory combination of shrimp and corn, cooked and blended with onions, bell peppers, and celery to make for a warm and satisfying meal.
Bookbinders Soup
Only 210 Calories
A delicate combination of fresh red snapper with garden raised vegetables and hand-picked herbs brought together in a savory broth that is sure to delight the appetite and thrill the taste buds.
Chicken Mamou
Only 300 Calories
Traditional southern comfort food is found in this dish of smooth tomato sauce with fresh vegetables and diced chicken served with rice.
Filet Mignon and Hollandaise
Only 280 Calories
Hand selected beef filet seasoned and grilled to perfection, accompanied with a delicate and creamy hollandaise sauce for the ideal savory pairing served with your choice of sides.
Strawberry Cheesecake
Only 240 Calories
Decadence is delivered with our new smooth and creamy cheesecake, baked in a hand formed graham cracker crust, and draped with a homemade strawberry topping.

Don’t wait, login to try our new menu items!


Although you see almost every person around you carrying a water bottle, H2O is actually the second most popular drink in America after Soda. The number one complaint about water is the taste or actually, lack of taste. If this is the reason you are not reaching the recommended 6-8 glasses a day, creating delicious, fruity detox waters, could very well be your savior. Water not only keeps you hydrated but it also keeps your vital organs in their best possible heath. These waters contain ingredients like lemon which helps to flush harmful toxins from your body, mint which aids in digestion, cucumber which contains anti-inflammatory properties and ginger which is a natural pain reliever and aids in digestion. Out of all the different detox water recipes we have seen, here are our picks for the most delicious and beneficial:

Slim Down Detox Water- SkinnyMom

½ gallon spring water

½ grapefruit, sliced

½ cucumber, sliced

2-3 mint leaves

½ lemon, sliced

½ lime, sliced

New Year Detox Water- FourandKnowMore

1 Large Pitcher of Spring Water
Peeled Grapefruit
Sliced Cucumbers
Sliced Pears
Fresh Mint

Peppermint Grapefruit Detox Water- PeanutButterandPeppers







These days, many people are concerned with weight loss programs and which ones are best.  There are thousands of options for losing weight and hundreds of options on different weight loss programs.  Healthy presents a wonderful article helping determine which weight loss programs work and what things you should stick to.

The Fresh Diet helps it’s clients by using  the following proven weight loss strategies.

  1. A reduced-calorie, nutritionally balanced eating plan.
  2. Eat regular meals, including breakfast.
  3. Making it easier to stick to your weight loss plan with our convenient home delivery.


Holiday MealWhen I think of winter I think of the holidays, food, socializing, pictures and trying to keep warm! But there is no sabotage to the waistline like that of baggy sweaters and coats, which mask all of the holiday drinks and treats we keep indulging in. Holiday photos last forever and I want to assist you in making it a picture perfect holiday by sharing some tips to help you avoid packing on the pounds this season but still enjoying all the delicious treats that may come your way.

Cocktail time!

Alcohol: Moderation! Everyone enjoys an adult beverage every now and then. If you just have to have it remember that moderation is key to keeping calories down and try alternating with holiday drinks and water to reduce your intake.

Eggnog: This holiday staple can easily add hundreds of calories to your daily intake and quickly kill your waistline. Try having one part skim milk and one part eggnog to cut the calories. If you feel really motivated go for 3 parts skim milk and 1 part eggnog and skip the whipped cream.

Hot Chocolate: When treating yourself to this winter favorite ask for it to be made with low fat or skim milk. Try and skip the toppings all together but if you just have to have it go for just one spoon of whipped cream and try the mini marshmallows to cut calories!

Cider: Choose ciders with the lowest amount of sugar and feel free to treat yourself to some extra flavor by adding extra cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves!

Skinnier Substitutions

Fats: Go for vegetable oils versus butter. These have added health benefits and save more calories than butter and shortening. And if you’re feeling adventurous cut the fat in half by doing one part oil and one part sugar free.

Dairy: Try replacing holiday ingredients like mayonnaise, cream cheese and sour cream with equal parts of low fat yogurt. Replace heavy cream, whole milk and cheeses with low-fat or skim versions can also reduce calories by more than half.

Grains: Opt for whole grain versions of bread, rice, pasta and flours. Can’t commit to that just yet? Try going half white and half whole grain in your favorite dishes to start your transition.

Extracts: Adding peppermint, vanilla and nut extracts can add lots of flavor to your favorite dishes!

Forget the fryer! Roasting, baking, broiling and grilling are all healthier options than frying. Whether its holiday veggies, meats or desserts you can always find an alternative to frying while still getting that crunchy and crispy texture.

Sodium: This can add up to thousands of milligrams in one day! Use low sodium broths and more herbs and spices to add flavor and save on sodium. Canned items have tons of sodium so be sure to rinse canned foods before using. This can cut as much as 40% of the sodium!

Last minute reminder!

Never go to a party hungry! Have a piece of fruit or a glass of water before heading to your party or eating a meal to cut the calories. You can always eat one of your Fresh Diet Snacks before you depart.  Be prepared and remember moderation is key. When you’re tempted to go for seconds or to graze on a buffet have a glass of water!

Food can symbolize many things during this season but try not to focus on the food too much and enjoy building memories with those around you. Remember that if you do overdo it during the holidays, you can always get a Fresh Start with The Fresh Diet.  Our meal plans have something to suit every taste and lifestyle need.  From Gluten Free to Fresh Vegetarian and Premium Choice,  The Fresh Diet’s at home meal delivery will be wishing you health and happiness for years to come!

Trishna Joshi

A Holiday Gift to Our Fresh Diet Family

A Holiday Gift - LaCroix Water


The Fresh Diet is pleased to provide it’s Fresh Diet family with a wonderful Holiday Gift from our friends at LaCroix Water.  From our family to yours, we wish you a Happy Holidays.



The Fresh Diet was pleased to be a proud sponsor of the Women’s Success Summit providing FRESH, healthy snacks for the attendees on December 10th and 11th.Michelle Villalobos

The Women’s Success Summit was founded in June 2010 by the amazing and empowering Michelle Villalobos, pictured here with Arley Betteridge Hunt and May Sasario who represented The Fresh Diet at the event!

Michelle, who is a Professional Speaker & Personal Branding Coach, serves as Summit Hostess. Her vision was to bring together Miami’s growing woman entrepreneur community for an educational experience that would transform women-owned businesses.  Since then, the Summit has grown into Miami’s largest business conference for entrepreneurial women. The partnership between the Women’s Success Summit and The Fresh Diet is a match made in heaven as it pairs the successful busy women, with a program that can offer them support and convenience as they reach their goals.

The Fresh Diet prepared lunch for both days for the two day event, catering to their vegetarian and gluten free attendees with meals from The Fresh Diets own Gluten Free and Fresh Vegetarian meal plans.

Arley on Stage


The Fresh Diet’s own, Arley Hunt had the honor of sharing the stage with Michelle Villalobos to promote The Fresh Diet’s meal plans during an interview about the benefits of healthy eating.

Nancy Matthews

Nancy Matthews was the final Keynote speaker.  Nancy not just a Speaker and Author but a leading Business Advisor, who combines her 25 years of business savvy and creative ingenuity with her intuitive understanding of people. She engages and entertains audiences while providing practical solutions to life and business challenges. She is known as the “Visionary with Guts” for her persistence in going for her goals and dreams despite apparent obstacles or challenges and works with individuals and organizations to support them in realizing their goals.


Yos Arley and May

Chef Yos Schwartz, Arley Hunt and May Sasario were all in attendance and spent two days networking and providing FRESH, gourmet meals and snacks!  Three amazing lunches were served and enjoyed by all.  The team provided attendees with three lunch options each day.



Boccaccini Mozzarella Salad

A wonderful Boccaccini Mozzarella Salad.





Salmon Wrap

A Scrumptious Salmon Wrap.






Cranberry Turkey Dijon Wrap

A Fresh, Healthy Cranberry Honey Dijon Turkey Wrap.








The Fresh Diet


The Fresh Diet America’s premier at-home meal delivery company announces today that it has recently partnered with MyCircles to provide this innovative company and its member healthy options with The Fresh Diet in the food and beverage market.


MyCircles is an interest based network that allows its members to create multiple profiles for Social, Professional and Dating connections like no other site.  Their unique privacy settings let you keep your social, dating and professional profiles all separate.  MyCircles will provide it’s members  with access to The Fresh Diet’s many fresh delivered meal options.  MyCircles was a natural choice for The Fresh Diet to join forces with as both companies are truly unique in their respective fields.






“We are happy to partner with a like minded company such as MyCircles,” says Raj Rawal, CEO of The Fresh Diet.


Surfside Gazette

Check out the Surfside Gazette for a great story about The Fresh Diet’s Founders.  In 2005 Zalmi Duchman and Chef Yos Schwartz started America’s #1 gourmet meal delivery company, growing it to become the leader in the home meal delivery space.  Today, the company with about 350 employees is one of the largest U.S. food producers in the fresh cooked, daily delivered category, delivering healthy, gourmet meal plans daily to homes in 12 states and 44 metropolitan areas across the country.  Zalmi and The Fresh Diet have earned numerous prestigious accolades over the years, including making the Inc. 500 list consecutively in 2010 and 2011, The Forbes Top 20 Most Promising US Companies List in November of 2011, as well as being an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Nominee in both 2011 and 2009.

The Fresh Diet has been featured on Good Morning America and The Doctors.  We have helped such individuals such as Sherri Shepherd, Gayle King and Kevin Federline lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.  Lots of The Fresh Diet clients have had wonderful results like Marissa Martin.

By eating The Fresh Diet, training hard and, prioritizing her health, Marissa Martin shed an unbelievable 83 lbs. for Chicago based TV program, “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.” Before beginning the program, Marissa admits to feeling groggy and sleepy even after a full nights rest, but since changing her diet and exercise routine, she no longer wonders how many times she can hit the snooze button on her alarm. She wakes up filled with energy and ready to face the day ahead! “I love the way I feel and look and my energy is at an all-time high.”

The Fresh Diet offers its clients such wonderful menus as Gluten Free, Fresh Vegetarian and Fresh Premium.  With lunches as low as 260 calories and dinners, like Eggplant Parmigina at 160 Calories, it’s any wonder why our two founders are the Talk of the Town!

North Miami, FL. (Dec 1, 2014) The Fresh Diet, America’s #1 meal delivery company has signed on as an official sponsor of Miami’s largest business conference for entrepreneurial women Women’s Success Summit IX.  The Fresh Diet, founded in Miami in 2005 The Fresh Diet understands the entrepreneurial spirit and is celebrating that spirit by providing lunch for The Women’s Success Summit.  The Fresh Diet is looking forward to being partners with The Women’s Success Summit and all of it’s attendees for a long time to come.


About The Women’s Success Summit:

Women's Success Summit

The Women’s Success Summit was founded in June 2010 by Michelle Villalobos (Professional Speaker & Personal Branding Coach) who serves as Summit Hostess & Emcee. Her vision was to bring together Miami’s growing woman entrepreneur community for an educational experience that would transform women-owned businesses.  Since then, the Summit has grown into (although it also attracts men – we like to say we are “woman-focused and man-friendly.”)

The Summit has been featured in both local media (The Miami Herald, NBC6, The Sun Sentinel, etc.) plus national and global media (The Chicago Tribune, CNN en Español), and has helped hundreds of women get inspired and take ACTION in their businesses. While the audience is mostly local, some people travel from all over the US and abroad to attend the Summit.

The Women’s Success Summit is a powerful, fun, inspiring event that helps women not only achieve breakthroughs in business, but also in their LIVES.

Each Summit has it’s own unique theme that addresses one major area that women can improve upon drastically by applying simple mindset shifts, strategic initiatives or plain old tactical know-how.

The idea behind this year’s theme, Time To Shine!, is that to get ahead, women need to put themselves out there and “own” their unique gifts and talents. We often wait for someone to “discover” us, when the person who REALLY needs to discover us first is… US!!

About The Fresh Diet:

The Fresh Diet

The Fresh Diet, America’s #1 meal delivery company with delivery to 12 states, 44 metro areas and 573 Cities within the continental United States.

Our meal delivery plans include: menu customization, 3 meals and 2 snacks a day, a caloric and portion controlled formula, variety with over 150 gourmet meals, access to nutritionists and fresh doorstep delivery five days a week. Our chef prepared meals are nutritionally balanced and are never frozen, freeze-dried or vacuum packed. Our meal delivery service provides the most convenient way to maintain a healthy lifestyle without giving up the simple joy of eating fresh, delicious food.

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